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Our Purpose

Power to the viewer.

Ever wondered how much you could earn from all the hours you spend watching series, live streams, or movies? Now you don’t have to wonder. We are changing the industry by giving power to you, the viewer.

We are a web3 platform where viewers earn every time they watch content.

As a platform, we believe in the power of the community. We not only give viewers power, but also content creators by streaming, funding, producing, and distributing original film, television, and live content.

Fueling the

content revolution

through Fintech.



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What you’ll love about myco

  • On our platform you can find content that transcends borders, from series, to original movies, to documentaries, from fashion to gaming, to news and more!
  • Our content library is growing daily.
  • Subscribe to channels you love, create content of your own, share with friends and watch on any device.
  • We value your voice. We support content creators from all over the world with funding and production of original content.
  • We run off our MContent token, which is tied to a real-world asset, content.

$MContent Token

BSC Contact address 0x799e1Cf88A236e42b4A87c544A22A94aE95A6910

*Tokenomics has been designed with the purpose to enhance the “Content Creators Fund” with every buy & sell of the transaction thus supporting as many deserving content creators as possible while also offering exceptional ROI for all investors.


We aspire to progress towards a sustainable and inclusive environment financially while benefiting all stakeholders, ultimately striving for healthy development in the DeFi industry.

As for token allocation, Lockup and Vesting periods, we focused on creating a fair model that prioritizes sustained and healthy MContent growth while allowing a dynamic support system for our content projects and an alluring reward program for our token holders.

Total Supply on Launch: 10,000,000,000,000,000 – 10 Quadrillion

Total Burnt Supply till date: 3,973,754,946,564,680 – just under 4 Quadrillion

CCF 75% locked for 2 years with 6.25% monthly linear vesting thereafter
Marketing 85% locked till 1.5 years with 7.083% monthly linear vesting thereafter
Ecosystem 78% locked till 3 years with 2.16% monthly linear vesting thereafter
Seed/Private 80% locked till 1.5 years with 4.44% monthly linear vesting thereafter